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L M Watts Technology was created in 2008 by Leslie Watts to bring new product concepts to commercial reality by combining in house  electronic
and mechanical analysis and design with  machine shop
 and lab facilities to fabricate prototypes.

Leslie is an aerospace engineer with 40 years experience
as a development engineer and manager of product
development in the audio, microelectronics, and automotive
industries with 6 US patents and numerous foriegn patents.
 His employers and clients include:

Shure Brothers
Illinois Tool Works
Harris Semiconductor
The University of Florida
Bartlett Microphones
Scott Electronics
Card o Link inc
Quaker Pet Group
Louroe Electronics

Our facilities include:

Machine shop:
Large format CNC Mill
Index Vertical mill
Boyar Schultz surface grinder
Johnson horizontal Bandsaw
Grizzly vertical band saw
Boxford VSL lathe with Themac tool post rotary grinder
Starrett and Ideal surface plates
Parker heat treat oven
Famco press
MIG welder
Aluminum anodizing system
Electroless nickel plating system

Electronics lab
Tectronix oscilloscopes
Bruel & Kjaer 2044 frequency analyzer
Bruel& Kjaer 4145 and 4155 laboratory standard condenser microphones
Microphone frequency response test station
RME Fireface Audio digital interface
Maudio audio digital interface
Alesis, Samson, and Hafler power amplifiers
Various Power supplies, signal generators, and meters

5Spice circuit analysis
Eagle circuit board layout
FEMM finite element analysis
C and Basic compilers